Departament d'Astronomia i Astrofísica
Universitat de València

    Dark Matter and Hidden Photons with Radio Observations

A.P. Lobanov

Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn, Alemanya

Seminari del departament d'Astronomia i Astrofísica

Dijous 21 juliol 2011



Providing observational evidence for physics beyond the standard model is one of the pivotal research areas in modern particle physics and cosmology. Weakly interacting (massive or sub-eV) particles (WIMP or WISP), such as neutralinos. Most extensions of the standard model beyond the electroweak scale (most notably the supersymmetric and string theory models) predict existence of weakly interacting particles responsible for coupling to the SM physics, with WIMP (e.g., neutralinos with masses in the GeV to TeV range) and WISP (e.g., axions, axion-like particles and hidden photons with masses in the sub-eV range) positioned as the most promising candidates. A new dimension to searches for WIMP and WISP is provided by extending the searches to lower energies sampled by radio observations atfrequencies below 40 GHz (7.5 mm). Observations in the 0.03-40 GHz bear an excellent potential to constrain the properties of the neutralino dark matter (DM) annihilation and offer an effective way of probing the hidden photons with masses below 10-15 eV. Potentials and early results from such studies will be discussed in this talk, focussing in particular on detecting the neutralino DM annihilation signal from dwarf spheroidal galaxies and unidentified Fermi/LAT gamma-ray sources and searching for WISP photon-photon oscillations in the radio regime using supernova remnants and active galactic nuclei.