Departament d'Astronomia i Astrofísica
Universitat de València

    3D MHD Simulations with Relativistic Electron Transport: A Tool to Connect Dynamics and Emissions in Radio Galaxies

Dr. Thomas W. Jones

University of Minnesota, USA

Seminar's room at the DAA

Dilluns 16 setembre 2002



Impressively fine detail is now available in Radio Galaxy observations from radio to X-ray bands. At the same time high resolution numerical simulations of high speed plasma jet flows and their interactions with ambient media now offer sophisticated looks into the dynamical properties of the standard model for this important phenomenon. Still, our understanding and ability to interpret the observations is strongly inhibited by the fact that the observed emissions come from relativistic electrons far from thermodynamic equilibrium that are accelerated and transported in a highly driven system, far from dynamical equilibrium. In this talk I will report on an effort we have underway to model directly the acceleration and transport of nonthermal electrons in multidimensional MHD flows, and our steps to carry out meaningful ``synthetic observations' of the simulated objects. We are computing 3D MHD simulations of jet flows, following the evolution of the electron population throughout the simulation volume. Radio and X-ray observations of the predicted emissions are analyzed to infer physical properties of the computed objects and those compared with their actual properties